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KLCC LUXURY LIVING - BEST VALUE!! (click on image for clearer view)

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KLCC - TROIKA , sizzling hot buy !!!!

Rare opportunity to own this designer piece in the Luxury KLCC Condo at super rare price .... Under RM1000psf!!!
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Size : 2347 sf
Reserved price : RM2,296,400
Auction date : 26 April 2012

Interested please call 012-3378878
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Check out the view from the actual unit!

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Hot Deal !! The Avare @ KLCC - Buy Direct At Auction Price!

Owner want to exit Malaysia Market Quickly !!

Selling At Auction Price !
Below Developer Price !!! RM800psf
Don't miss the opportunity to own this CNBC Award Winning masterpiece.
High tenancy rate ! Many successful transactions and price set to rise soon.

Great for own stay - Low dense, Luxury, Prestige, Spacious, Expansive view

Great for investment - Hi tenancy rate for similar unit and the nearby Platinum Park is targeting to launch above RM2000psf. Great potential for appreciation.


Spacious 3800sf super luxury condo unit facing the famous KLCC Twin Towers and overlooking the beautiful KLCC park which is just 3 minute stroll.

A strategic location that allows it to enjoy the amazing KLCC view at night
and the magnificent KLGC (golf course) view with the mountains afar on the backdrop by day.

Call Joey at 012-3378878 for more on pricing.

Check out the property details on

AVARE Property Facts, Photo and Floor Plan

Troika @ KLCC 2012

THE TROIKA - 2012 Hot Listings

2245sf  , 3+1 rooms, RM1420psf neg
2345sf  , 3+1 rooms, RM1500psf neg
2906sf , 4+1 rooms , RM1480psf neg
2676sf , 3+1 rooms , RM1600psf KLCC View
949sf    , SOHO       , RM1500psf neg
1004sf  , SOHO       , RM1800psf neg
1646sf  , SOHO       , RM1600psf neg

5858sf  , Penthouse , RM1800psf neg Unblock KLCC View
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A truly Iconic and Luxury Property.
Award Winning Architecture by World Famous Architect - Foster and Partners.

Walking Distance to KLCC Park, Twin Towers and LRT Station.

Hot Deal in town!!

For Limited Units : 
FREE      Sales and Purchase Agreement 
FREE      1 year maintenance Fee

012-337 8878 Joey Lee

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Owner welcome to list.

<-- Show unit

Breathtaking view -->
from the nearby KLCC Park

Property Details
2545 sf, above sky lobby, 3+1 rooms, having the twin towers view from Living, Dining, Master bedroom, master bathroom, balcony and even the second bedroom !!!!
One of the best view unit in Troika.

Selling at RM2,000 psf.

Call Joey 012-337 8878
or email us at

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Malaysia’s Optimistic outlook for 2010

*** From Property Report Asia - Dec 09***

From a growth in the GDP to increase in the sales of transactions for high-end properties, Malaysia has a positive outlook for the year ahead.

by Pete Wong

Developers will be happy to see the crisis-filled year coming to a close and hoping to get back into the swing of things in 2010 and ahead. There could be a temporary lull period during the traditional Lunar New Year festive season in mid-Feb 2010 when the market will be quiet but the pace is expected to pick up right after. Market confidence is returning and all indicators seem to point to a recovery to a certain extent.

The Malaysian government has estimated a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 3.2 per cent for 2010 and most analysts agree this is achievable. Malaysian Rating Corp Bhd (MARC) has given its own 3.6 per cent GDP growth prediction after taking into account some of the expected weaknesses in the US economy, which will affect Malaysia’s trade performance.

But is it too early to pop the champagne? During the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (Apec), ministers who attended the meeting mostly agreed that the global economic crisis was far from over and the expected upturn was just a respite rather than a recovery.

Confidence returning
Despite the uncertainties, there is a lot of optimism, especially among local investors. "Market sentiment is on the rebound. There is good liquidity in terms of transactions and this should augur well for the property market next year," said Andy Khoo, Sunwaymas Sdn Bhd’s executive director.

"The economy is set to climb back on the growth path which will work well for property demand. We expect to see more sales activities and transactions over the next 18 to 24 months, as Malaysia’s GDP is expected to rise to 6 per cent in 2012," said Lai Voon Hon, Ireka Development Management’s president and CEO.

When YTL Land launched their Lake Edge Pavilion Terraces last month, all 30 units of the double-storey homes were snapped up within hours. Buyers were seen streaming in at 6 am and by mid-morning, the developer was ready to close the shutters. The units were priced from RM780,000 and ready for completion by end-2011. Sales were, of course, helped by the fact that the developer has a reputation in offering award-winning designs and a history of looking after the community’s well-being even after the units are delivered.

Over at Mont Kiara, the upscale One Kiara condominium project continues to attract attention despite the fact that there is no official launch yet. "We had a 70 per cent take-up for Phase One and we are now talking to an institutional investor to take up the bulk of our available units. Once that is finalised, we should have a few more units available for the public. Our selling price starts at between RM600 to RM650 per sq ft and early birds need to pay only 10 percent and not have to worry about the rest until delivery," said Chris Low, Monday-Off Development’s managing director and project owner.

No mad rush
Property prices in Malaysia, especially within the prime Kuala Lumpur area, are unlikely to see a huge jump in values like what is happening in land-scarce Singapore and Hong Kong recently. Malaysia has more than enough landbanks for developments. At a recent media briefing, Sunrise Bhd’s executive chairman, Tong Kooi Ong said: “It’s a myth to say there is insufficient development land in the Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur)." The company itself has about RM1.5 billion worth of property projects to launch in the near- to mid-term and about 40 acres of land in the Mont Kiara area alone. "Our current landbank is sufficient to last us eight more years," he added.

Sunrise Bhd plans to launch another three projects in Kuala Lumpur within the next few months starting with the MK28 project in Mont Kiara. MK28 comprise 460 condominium units ranging in size from 2,000 to 3,000 sq ft.

Even if there is a surge in speculative buying, the ample supply of units on the market will put on a check on rising values. Within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) area alone, there is an existing supply of 5,700 units and a further 5,800 units are expected to come onstream within the next few years. "It is clear that there will be an oversupply as the year comes to an end and 2010 rounds the corner," said Robert Ang, Savills Rahim & Co’s managing director.

What came as a surprise for many, however, was the government’s recent announcement to re-impose a Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) with effect from January 1 next year. Although the tax amount of five percent is not huge, many in the industry thought that the move was ill-timed as it may hinder the market’s recovery from the economic crisis. "It may dampen property investors’ sentiment and curb some level of speculative buying," said Tong.

"It came as a surprise to us, as the government had suspended RPGT merely two and half years ago to give the property sector a boost and attract foreign purchasers. The re-imposition of RPGT could have a dampening effect on the property development sector, reflecting fears by international property buyers of more RPGT increases in future years or frequent changes in real estate policies in Malaysia," said Lai.

An irate property owner even wrote to the press asking, "How are we to be taken as a serious place for investment when policies keep changing at the whims and fancies of the powers-that-be?"

Some feel that the five percent tax may just be the beginning for more surprises in future. Prior to the exemption of the RPGT in April 2007, tax on gains from property transactions was on a progressive basis from zero to 30 percent depending on the holding period of the property. "We think that in the long term, the original scale rates of 30, 20, 15 per cent and so on, will be coming back," said Dr Veerinderjeet Singh, managing director of Taxand Malaysia.

"It is too early to see the impact of that five percent tax but it is a psychological barrier, particularly for those who entered the market in 2006/7 when market was at its peak," said Paul Khong, Regroup Asociates’ executive director. "Some of them will not be making money and they are already upset. With this flip-flop policy, they may just take their money and go elsewhere to get a better return," he added.

But not everyone is worried about the tax. "The government needs to have its source of revenue and I think the five percent tax will not have a huge impact. Property owners will just have to adjust their selling prices to cover the tax. However, it may have a bigger impact on lower-end properties where margins are already squeezed," said Low.

From a wider perspective, Malaysia may need a few more years to fully recover. As for property values, Kuala Lumpur may never be on the same level with Singapore or Hong Kong for several reasons. The average monthly take-home income of a Malaysian worker is much lower by comparison. Crime, poor public transportation and haphazard city planning, are perpetual issues crying for a solution. No matter how high-tech, environment-friendly or great-looking a building is, its property value is still determined by its location and living environment. Factors like how safe is it to walk the streets at night or how easy is it to take a taxi home are still important questions that the discerning foreign property investor will ask. The Malaysian government still has a lot of work to do in order to create the right environment for property values to appreciate and for foreign property investors to come in.

Projects update

For those looking for an upscale freehold condominium unit, Kenny Heights Sanctuary, located about 15 minutes’ drive from Mont Kiara, may be the answer. The developer, KH Land, will be throwing in signature gardens by an award-winning landscape designer, a sky lounge, clubhouse facilities and even a private spa, among other amenities. There will be 599 units ranging in size from 1,859 sq ft to 3,748 sq ft and priced between RM1.3 to RM5 million.

Those who prefer privacy in a low-density freehold condominium project might be interested in Lumina Kiara. Located at Mont Kiara, the development offers only 104 units within a split-tower of 23 and 29 storeys. Each floor has between four and six units only. Another cluster of 12 semi-detached, three-storey houses are connected to the condominium. The developer, ECH Development is currently selling the units at between 650 and 750 per sq ft. They are also dangling a ’10/90’ sweetener which means you pay only 10 per cent downpayment and zero-interest for the remaining 24 months. Construction work began in 2007 and the project is expected to be completed by end-2010.

Meanwhile in the leafy Taman Melawati suburb at the north-end of Kuala Lumpur city, developer Mutiara Goodyear Development plans to launch Melawati Nadayu, a high-end residential township comprising 142 bungalow units and 46 superlink units in 2010. The project sits on a 32ha site on a scenic hill area and the developer has already spent RM70 million to prepare the site.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Have we bounced off the bottom of the property cycle?

It was barely a year ago that property prices were plummeting.

Since then, the world’s central banks have flooded the markets with an unprecedented liquidity tsunami that has lifted prices of assets like stocks and property. Liquidity comes in many forms, the most evident and tangible is lower interest rates, which immediately lower mortgage costs and allow potential borrowers to borrow more with the same level of disposable income.

It also reduces the returns on deposits which make it more attractive for depositors to redeploy their funds into higher yielding and more speculative assets like shares and property. Other forms of less tangible liquidity measures involve providing cheap funding for banks and printing money.

In China, the liquidity came in the form of generous lending by state-owned banks which boosted lending in the first half of 2009 by 7.37 trillion yuan (RM3.8 trillion) – 2.3 times the amount of loans issued during the same period last year.

Some would argue that policymakers are creating a bigger bubble to counter the effects of the one that just burst. It was the bursting of the property and debt bubble in the United States that precipitated the global financial crisis.

The global liquidity tsunami appears to have succeeded in arresting the fall in global property prices. The mother of all property indices, the Case Shiller Composite 20 Home Index – which measures property prices in 20 US metropolitan cities – saw its first month-on-month rise in May 2009 after falling 33% from a peak in July 2006. The peaking of US house prices was followed by the global financial crisis two years later, so hopefully a bottoming of US house prices is a lead indicator of better economic times. Home prices in the United States are less overvalued after the price correction but are not particularly cheap as they have risen more than the inflation. Nevertheless, the affordability of the homes has improved as interest rates have declined.

The stabilisation of the US housing market is crucial as it means household wealth will also stabilise. Higher household wealth, closely tied to property and stock prices, will boost consumer sentiment. This in turn could boost US consumer spending and, hence, Asian exports. It would also boost the US economy as consumer spending accounts for 70% of the US economy.

However, it would appear that any recovery is likely to be muted as unemployment remains high and households are still deleveraging from high debt levels.

Ironically, a weak recovery and the deflationary effects of excess capacity will allow policymakers to keep interest rates low for a long time. After all, policymakers are unlikely to want to raise interest rates prematurely and be blamed for tipping the economy back into recession. Property prices and transactions in Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea have risen from depressed levels in the first quarter of 2009.

In fact, the prices for the Housing Development Board (HBD) units, in which the majority of Singaporeans live, are at an all-time high. Low mortgage rates of less than 2% in Singapore have helped boost property prices. This is good news for property owners but bad news if you are a new graduate aspiring to own a property.

In Malaysia, lower interest rates, a buoyant stock market and better consumer sentiment have combined to boost demand for properties. Bargain hunters queued for properties launched by Island & Peninsular in Bandar Kinrara and Glenmarie and IJM Land in Jelutong, Penang.

Property companies are generally seeing better demand for property, and property agents are seeing renewed interest from home buyers.

Ironically, the rental market is not improving due to the ample supply of new property at a time when economic activity remains weak. The new supply of high-end condominiums and office space in KL is arising at a time when some multinational companies are downsizing. Higher supply and weak demand are likely to translate into lower rentals but not necessarily lower property prices as the alternative is to invest in deposits yielding only 2%.

This phenomenon has been observed in many countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan where rental yields are at only 2% as deposit rates in those countries are at 1% or less. In the end, the effect of this liquidity is to punish the savers and reward borrowers with high risk-taking behaviour. Nothing much has changed despite all the touted reforms and we are on the way to creating a new bubble which would hopefully compensate for the current downturn before it eventually bursts.

In the meantime, property prices and property stocks are likely to rise in the liquidity-induced asset price inflation. The prices of property stocks have risen sharply from their lows in March 2009. The larger property stocks in Malaysia and the region are priced more than one times book. Many smaller property stocks are still trading at below one times book and offer more attractive valuations.

The party is on, the participants are intoxicated with liquidity but when the music stops, make sure you are not the player caught without a chair in a game of musical chairs.

● Choong Khuat Hock is head of research at Kumpulan Sentiasa Cemerlang Sdn Bhd. Readers’ feedback is welcome. Please email to

By The Star (by Choong Khuat Hock)

KLCC Property For Sale - Condo Hot Buys

Choice Luxury Condo
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  1. 2356 sq ft, Tower 1, hi floor, Type A3, RM3.89 mil, RM1650 per sq ft, full KLCC view**

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  3. 989 sq ft. Tower 2, Type B4, RM1.48 mil, RM1500 psf , Mid Floor, park view

  4. 2245 sq ft. Tower 3, Type C3, RM4 mil , RM1785 psf , High Floor, park view

  5. 2142 sq ft. Tower 2, RM4.24M, High floor above sky lobby, park view

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7. Cendana @ Sultan Ismail
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Pavillion Residences For Sale And Rent


Your Six Star lifestyle epitomised by two elegant high-rise towers of 368 luxurious residences set admidst a Sky Garden.
Proudly part of PAVILION KUALA LUMPUR,the 12-acre, residential-retail-hotel-office development at Bukit Bintang, in the heart of the Golden Triangle. The Pavillion Residences awaits your personal impression.

At Pavillion Residences you are papered from the moment you step into the grand lobby and are welcomed by the concierge. Wrap yourself in the serenity of the Sky Garden, a calm oasis where you can indulge in swimming, tennis and a dip in the jacuzzi. Stay energised atthe gymnasium and aerobics studio, or find your zen at the sunken yoga courtyard. For the little ones, there is a wading pool and ample space to play in safety.

Location :Jalan Bukit Bintang
Total Units :368 UNITS
Completion :Completed 2Q 2009
Price (Sale):from RM1200psf onwards
Rental:RM6,000 onwards
Built-Up :1,234sf-7,174sf
Available units : For SALE,
  1. 1509sf,2 rooms, from RM1220 psf
  2. 2645sf, 3 rooms, Hi Floor, RM1300psf
  3. 1300sf, 2 rooms, very hi Floor, RM1500psf
  4. 1234sf, 2 rooms, RM1300psf
  5. 680sf, 1 rooms, RM1490psf neg
Rental also available. Do inquire.
For inquiry please email us for details

Click here for more photo and floor plan --> Floor Plans
A great location within the famous Bukit Bintang retail and hotel development. Easily acees to Bukit Bintang Shopping area and many prime offices. Accessible from both LRT and Monorial Station.
Location Map :